Moral Weight Doesn’t Accrue Linearly

This post: https://​​slat­estar­​​2019/​​03/​​26/​​cor­ti­cal-neu­ron-num­ber-matches-in­tu­itive-per­cep­tions-of-moral-value-across-an­i­mals/​​

begs a very im­por­tant ques­tion as part of its cen­tral premise. Even given the idea that an­i­mals have moral weight, it does not fol­low that there ex­ist a num­ber of them that are of equal moral weight to a hu­man (or an­other kind of an­i­mal, etc). There ex­ist in­finite se­quences that con­verge to finite val­ues.

It seems pretty clear to me that moral weight is not lin­early ad­di­tive. This is why we con­sider it worse when a species goes from 1,000 mem­bers to 0 mem­bers than when it goes from 1,001,000 mem­bers to 1,000,000 mem­bers, for in­stance.