[Question] Efficacy of Vitamin D in helping with COVID

so a new re­search found that high dose of Vi­tamin D sig­nifi­cantly im­prove out comes for COVID pa­tient:


an­other source on face­book claim that:

- A study in In­done­sia found that out of the pa­tients that died from COVID-19, 98.9% of them were defi­cient in vi­tamin D, while only 4% of the pa­tients with suffi­cient vi­tamin D died.

-A study of pa­tients in New Or­leans found that 84.6% of the COVID-19 pa­tients in the ICU were defi­cient in Vi­tamin D while only 4% of the pa­tients in the ICU had suffi­cient lev­els of Vi­tamin D.

-A study in the Philip­pines found that for ev­ery stan­dard de­vi­a­tion in­crease in vi­tamin D peo­ple were 7.94 times more likely to have a mild rather than se­vere COVID-19 out­come and 19.61 times more likely to have a mild rather than crit­i­cal out­come.

I couldn’t find any men­tion of this on less­wrong, [granted I haven’t look very hard], any­one who have done their re­seach on this can help me de­ter­mine the im­port of Vi­tamin D in fight­ing this pan­demic?

and if it’s true, any­way we can profit from this? any stock or in­dex fund?