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[Question] Are there al­ter­na­tive routes to var­i­o­late COVID in­stead of the res­pi­ra­tory tract?

df fd2 Feb 2022 10:45 UTC
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[Question] Help me un­der­stand the ra­tio­nale of the NIH to not recom­mend Flu­vox­am­ine for COVID treat­ment.

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[Question] Any recom­men­da­tion for read­ing ma­te­rial for pre-school chil­dren [3-4 yr]?

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Ex­am­ples of hu­man-level AI run­ning un­al­igned.

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[Question] How to re­li­ably sig­nal in­ter­nal ex­pe­rience?

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On the stag­na­tion of en­ergy tech­nol­ogy and the Ca­bal of Scientists

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df fd’s Shortform

df fd12 Dec 2020 4:21 UTC
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[Question] Recom­men­da­tion for a good in­ter­na­tional event bet­ting site like pre­dic­

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[Question] Effi­cacy of Vi­tamin D in helping with COVID

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