[Question] Weighing reputational and moral consequences of leaving Russia or staying

I’ve been thinking a lot about whether I should consider emigrating to another country (currently I’m in Russia). I’m not involved in politics or the military action, but I can’t help but feel implicated by my government’s actions as a citizen here. Specifically, the increasing authoritarianism and human rights issues worry me. On the other hand, I have family and (very few) friends in Russia, plus clearer studying opportunities, and I’m not sure if I want to leave that behind; also, Russia is my home—I’m unsure whether this might be important.

I’m a software engineer in my 20s living in Moscow, with self-employment and quite stable income. I’m interested in building global startups, so I’m worried about the reputation of my future company(ies) in the context of remaining in Russia for so long. Meanwhile, I’d prefer to continue cooperating with my (small) Russian social circle. But I’m unsure they have my better interests in mind (so I’d also like advice on how to determine that, if possible).

I’m looking for perspectives from this community on the moral and other considerations and responsibilities I have as an individual. Mainly I worry about global reputation of myself and my (future) companies. Should I continue my life here as usual? Should I keep contacts and cooperation with acquaintances/​friends (some of whom might be potential business partners) who remain? (Btw, I somewhat worry that I could absorb some of their differing beliefs which could make me less effective.) Is there anything constructive I can do if I stay? Or is leaving the country and minimizing contacts the only ethical choice?

Curious to hear thoughts. I’m especially interested in advice on how to weigh all this from those with more experience in similar situations.

I don’t have strong opinions yet, so please share a variety of perspectives. Mostly looking for help in thinking this through in a thoughtful way during a confusing time.