Wear a Helmet While Driving a Car

A 2006 study showed that “280,000 peo­ple in the U.S. re­ceive a mo­tor ve­hi­cle in­duced trau­matic brain in­jury ev­ery year” so you would think that wear­ing a helmet while driv­ing would be com­mon­place. Race car drivers wear helmets. But since al­most no one wears a helmet while driv­ing a reg­u­lar car, you prob­a­bly fear that if you wore one you would look silly, at­tract the no­tice of the po­lice for driv­ing while weird, or the at­ten­tion of an­other driver who took your safety at­tire as a challenge. (Car drivers are more likely to hit bi­cy­clists who wear helmets.)

The $30+ship­ping Crasche hat is de­signed for peo­ple who should wear a helmet but don’t. It looks like a ski cap, but con­tains con­cealed lightweight pro­tec­tive ma­te­rial. Peo­ple who have signed up for cry­on­ics, such as my­self, would get an es­pe­cially high ex­pected benefit from us­ing a driv­ing helmet be­cause we very much want our brains to “sur­vive” even a “fatal” crash. I have been us­ing a Crasche hat for about a week.