Thoughts on Q&A so far?

It’s been a few weeks since in­tro­duc­ing the Open Ques­tions /​ Q&A fea­tures on LessWrong.

As the team re­turns from the holi­days, we’ll likely put some time into fine tun­ing the fea­tures and in­tro­duc­ing sup­port­ing el­e­ments to make them work a bit bet­ter. I thought it’d be good to check in with how peo­ple were over­all feel­ing about them now that they’ve seen them, and what ad­di­tional fea­tures would be most use­ful to flesh out the sys­tem. (Either fea­tures on ques­tions them­selves, or sup­port­ing fea­tures to help keep track of ques­tions)