[Question] What self-help has helped you?

Sim­ply, what self-help tech­niques have you tried and found to help you? Bonus points if you can say some­thing about the con­text in which you did the self-help and any spec­u­la­tions you have about mechanism of ac­tion.

Please give one tech­nique per an­swer, mul­ti­ple an­swers ac­cepted per per­son (at least, I hope LW al­lows that, but I’m guess­ing it will), please read ex­ist­ing an­swer to avoid du­pli­ca­tion, and com­ment on ex­ist­ing an­swers about a tech­nique if you have more to say about that tech­nique.

I’ll put a cou­ple of my own an­swers in be­low as ex­am­ples and be­cause I have an­swers to my own ques­tion!

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