Suspected reason that kids usually hate vegetables

Here is a common vegetable preparation method in U.S. suburban homes.

Step 1: cut it up

Step 2: boil them in water until the flavor and texture is gone.

Step 3: Serve them without any kind of seasoning, or mixed with another food that could provide flavor and texture. Alternatively, put salt and pepper on them so that all vegetables just taste like salt and pepper.

Step 4: Tell the kids that eating a pile of bland mush with each meal is needed for being healthy.

In high school, me and several other people made the surprising discovery that if you eat vegetables raw, they actually taste alright, and some (like celery) even taste good enough to just snack on plain. Plus, there are things like stir-fry that make vegetables taste great.

I know this was common where I grew up. Do enough other people have similar experiences that raising knowledge of this is a great way to increase healthy eating?

Edit: after viewing the comments, this does not seem like the main reason.