Prizes for the 2021 Review

If you received a prize, please fill out your payment contact email and PayPal.

A’ight, one final 2021 Review Roundup post – awarding prizes. I had a week to look over the results. The primary way I ranked posts was by a weighted score, which gave 1000+ karma users 3x the voting weight. Here was the distribution of votes:

I basically see two strong outlier posts at the top of the ranking, followed by a cluster of 6-7 posts, followed by a smooth tail of posts that were pretty good without any clear cutoff.

Post Prizes

Gold Prize Posts

Two posts stood noticeably out above all the others, which I’m awarding $800 to.

Silver Prize Posts

And the second (eyeballed) cluster of posts, each getting $600, is:

Bronze Prize Posts

Although there’s not a clear clustering after this point, when I eyeball how important the next several posts were, it seems to me appropriate to give $400 to each of:

Honorable Mentions

This final group has the most arbitrary cutoff at all, and includes some judgment calls about how many medium or strong votes it had, among 1000+ karma users, and in some edge cases my own subjective guess of how important it was.

These authors each get $100 per post.

Honorable-est Mention

I… choose to wield my dictatorial power of the review process to refuse to give Elephant seal 2 a prize, even it landed a respectably high “rank 39” in the weighted vote totals. But, it sure does seem like it deserves an Honorable-ish mention anyway for all of people’s love for it. I also quite liked Coafos’ review of Elephant Seal 2, which was also the second-highest-karma-review. But which I also use my dictatorial powers to refuse to give a prize to.

Fight me.

Prize Totals

When you add all that up, here are the prize totals. Reminder, if you received a prize, please fill out your payment contact email and PayPal so we can pay you.