LessWrong as social catalyst

I’d like to ask ev­ery­one: Have LessWrong.com and re­lated on­line ra­tio­nal­ist/​​tran­shu­man­ist/​​Sin­gu­lar­i­tar­ian com­mu­ni­ties con­nected you to peo­ple for pur­poses be­yond dis­cus­sion?

Bonus points if an on­line con­tact led to an im­por­tant con­nec­tion. We already know that face-to-face mee­tups are a great way to meet peo­ple, so I’m cu­ri­ous about con­nec­tions trig­gered by on­line in­ter­ac­tion.

I have seen scat­tered men­tions that each of the above has hap­pened, but not enough to get a strong im­pres­sion of what’s go­ing on.

Please an­swer in com­ments be­low. By do­ing so, you’ll be pro­vid­ing so­cial proof that LW and the like can ac­com­plish these things, and so en­courage more to hap­pen, in­creas­ing hap­piness in the world.

I added one my­self to start.