[Question] How did the Coronavirus Justified Practical Advice Thread Change Your Behavior, if at All?

The point of the CJPA thread was for peo­ple to get in­for­ma­tion that changed their be­hav­ior in pos­i­tive ways. It’s a lit­tle soon to mea­sure the in­fec­tion rate and we’ll never get an RCT of peo­ple who read the thread vs. didn’t, but I’d at least like to find out what be­hav­ior changes came about from the thread. If you read the thread, can you an­swer with be­hav­ior changes you made at last par­tially as the re­sult of what you read? That in­cludes if the change was zero. The more de­tail you can in­clude on what you learned and why things were or weren’t use­ful, the bet­ter.