What are you working on? December 2011

This is the sixth bi­monthly ‘What are you work­ing On?’ thread. Pre­vi­ous threads are here. So here’s the ques­tion:

What are you work­ing on?

Here are some guidelines:

  • Fo­cus on pro­jects that you have re­cently made progress on, not pro­jects that you’re think­ing about do­ing but haven’t started.

  • Why this pro­ject and not oth­ers? Men­tion rea­sons why you’re do­ing the pro­ject and/​or why oth­ers should con­tribute to your pro­ject (if ap­pli­ca­ble).

  • Talk about your goals for the pro­ject.

  • Any kind of pro­ject is fair game: per­sonal im­prove­ment, re­search pro­ject, art pro­ject, what­ever.

  • Link to your work if it’s link­able.