Slowing Moore’s Law: Why You Might Want To and How You Would Do It

In this es­say I ar­gue the fol­low­ing:

Brain em­u­la­tion re­quires enor­mous com­put­ing power; enor­mous com­put­ing power re­quires fur­ther pro­gres­sion of Moore’s law; fur­ther Moore’s law re­lies on large-scale pro­duc­tion of cheap pro­ces­sors in ever more-ad­vanced chip fabs; cut­ting-edge chip fabs are both ex­pen­sive and vuln­er­a­ble to state ac­tors (but not non-state ac­tors such as ter­ror­ists). There­fore: the ad­vent of brain em­u­la­tion can be de­layed by global reg­u­la­tion of chip fabs.

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