Containment Thread on the Motivation and Political Context for My Philosophy of Language Agenda

So, if you’ve been reading my Less Wrong posts over the last twenty-one months, you’ll notice that I’ve been doing a lot of philosophy-of-language blogging lately! Those posts are:

But, if you didn’t know, the reason I’ve been doing so much philosophy-of-language blogging lately is because I was frustrated because I thought a lot of people were motivatedly getting the philosophy of language wrong for political convenience, specifically around transgender issues. (I think assertions like “trans women are women” and similar need to be argued for on the empirical merits; you can’t just define them to be true.)

In particular, “Where to Draw the Boundaries?” was intended as a “stealth reply” (quoting/​paraphrasing without attribution in order to reply to the philosophical substance while eliding the political context) to:

I also write a blog about gender issues under a differential-visibility-but-not-actually-Secret pen name. The posts from that blog that are most relevant to my philosophical writing on Less Wrong are:

To allay concerns about premature abstraction of political issues, I’m putting up this non-Frontpageable post in case anyone wants to comment on or ask questions about my object-level motivations without cluttering up our philosophy discussions.