The Darwin Game—Rounds 21-500

Rounds 20-30

EarlyBirdMimicBot takes the lead off the backs of the Clone Army.

Rounds 30-100

EarlyBirdMimicBot exhausts the clone army before the treaty expires in turn 90.

Rounds 100-500

From here on out it is a random walk. The bots with low populations die to variance. Congratulations to BeauBot and Insub’s CooperateBot for making it this far!


Note: This is an alternate timeline. It is not the official tournament.

  1. EarlyBirdMimicBot by Multicore

  2. BendBot by Zvi

  3. MeasureBot by Measure

  4. LiamGoddard by Liam Goddard

Today’s Obituary

RaterBotChaos ArmyEstimates opponent’s aggression by counting the number of 3s, 2s, return 3s and return 2 instances in its source code. Then picks a strategy based off of that.21
CopoperaterChaos ArmyTit-for-tat, starting at 2.22
RandomOrGreedyBotChaos ArmyIf the opponent averaged less than 2.5 over the last 100 turns then plays int(5 - opponent_avg). Otherwise randomly selects 3 or 2 randomly.24
Silly TFT Bot 3NPCsPlays tit-for-tat starting at 3.28
EmpiricistChaos ArmyPerforms the best strategy that would have worked against historical data.28
CopyBot DeluxeChaos ArmyTit-for-tat. Picks starting value of 2 or 3 based off of round number.32
Pure TFTChaos Army”For the first round, play 2 or 3 with a 5050 chance of each. For each subsequent round, play whatever the opponent played on the previous round.”36
Silly TFT Bot 2Chaos ArmyPlays tit-for-tat starting at 2.40
CloneBotClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty broke.42
jacobjacob-BotNorm EnforcersCooperates with Ben-Bot42
SimplePatternFinderBotChaos ArmyFinds simple patterns.42
Silly 2 BotNPCsAlways returns 2.43
Winner against low constant botsChaos ArmyStarts with 2. Then always returns 5 - opponent_previous_move.44
Clone wars, episode return 3Clone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty broke.50
a_comatose_squirrelClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty bre52
CliqueZviBotClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty bre53
incomprehensibotClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty bre53
A Very Social BotClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty bre57
KarmaBotClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty bre58
Akrasia BotClone ArmyCloneBot. Died before the treaty bre60
AttemptAtFairChaos ArmyOscillates between 3 and 2, starting with 3.95
OscillatingTwoThreeBotChaos Army”cooperates in the dumbest possible way”95
Why can’t we all just get alongChaos ArmyDoesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Doesn’t overly punish slackers. Attempts to establish steady tit-for-tat.98
BeauBotChaos ArmyA sophisticated bot with 528 lines. It picks one of 3 simple strategies based on it’s opponent’s behavior. It also adjusts its behavior based on the round.113
CooperateBot [Insub]Chaos ArmyLet MLM = my last move, OLM = opponent’s last move. On the first turn, play 2. On subsequent turns: [Fork 1] If (MLM + OLM = 5), then play OLM [Fork 2] Otherwise, flip a coin and play max(MLM, OLM) with 50% probability, and (5 - max(MLM, OLM)) with 50% probability.254

This concludes the alternate timeline where AbstractSpyTreeBot was disqualified by mistake. The Mutant Game (the Blind Idiot God alternate timeline with multiple game engine bugs) will resume on November 23, 2020.