Pri­soner’s Dilemma

The Pri­soner’s Dilemma is a well-stud­ied game in game the­ory, where sup­pos­edly ra­tio­nal in­cen­tive fol­low­ing leads to both play­ers stab­bing each other in the back and be­ing worse off than if they had co­op­er­ated.

The origi­nal for­mu­la­tion, via Wikipe­dia:

Two mem­bers of a crim­i­nal gang are ar­rested and im­pris­oned. Each pris­oner is in Soli­tary Con­fine­ment with no means of com­mu­ni­cat­ing with the other. The pros­e­cu­tors lack suffi­cient ev­i­dence to con­vict the pair on the prin­ci­pal charge, but they have enough to con­vict both on a lesser charge. Si­mul­ta­neously, the pros­e­cu­tors offer each pris­oner a bar­gain. Each pris­oner is given the op­por­tu­nity ei­ther to be­tray the other by tes­tify­ing that the other com­mit­ted the crime, or to co­op­er­ate with the other by re­main­ing silent. The pos­si­ble out­comes are:
If A and B each be­tray the other, each of them serves two years in prison
If A be­trays B but B re­mains silent, A will be set free and B will serve three years in prison
If A re­mains silent but B be­trays A, A will serve three years in prison and B will be set free
If A and B both re­main silent, both of them will serve only one year in prison (on the lesser charge).

The “stay silent” op­tion is gen­er­ally called Co­op­er­ate, and the “be­tray” op­tion is called Defect. The only Nash Equil­ibrium of the Pri­soner’s Dilemma is both play­ers defect­ing, even though each would pre­fer the co­op­er­ate/​co­op­er­ate out­come.

A pop­u­lar var­i­ant is the Iter­ated Pri­soner’s Dilemma, where two agents play the Pri­soner’s Dilemma against each other a num­ber of times in a row. A sim­ple and suc­cess­ful strat­egy is called Tit for Tat—co­op­er­ate on the first round, then on sub­se­quent rounds do what­ever your op­po­nent did on the last round.

See also: Co­or­di­na­tion/​Cooperation

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