You can just spontaneously call people you haven’t met in years

Here’s a recent conversation I had with a friend:

Me: “I wish I had more friends. You guys are great, but I only get to hang out with you like once or twice a week. It’s painful being holed up in my house the entire rest of the time.”

Friend: “You know ${X}. You could talk to him.”

Me: “I haven’t talked to ${X} since 2019.”

Friend: “Why does that matter? Just call him.”

Me: “What do you mean ‘just call him’? I can’t do that.”

Friend: “Yes you can”


Later: I call ${X}, we talk for an hour and a half, and we meet up that week.

This required zero pretext. I just dialed the phone number and then said something like “Hey ${X}, how you doing? Wanted to talk to you, it’s been a while.” It turns out this is a perfectly valid reason to phone someone, and most people are happy to learn that you have remembered or thought about them at all.

Further, I realized upon reflection that the degrees of the people I know seem related to their inclination to do things like this.