Jeffrey Ladish

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Dona­tion offsets for ChatGPT Plus subscriptions

Jeffrey Ladish16 Mar 2023 23:29 UTC
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To de­ter­mine al­ign­ment difficulty, we need to know the ab­solute difficulty of al­ign­ment generalization

Jeffrey Ladish14 Mar 2023 3:52 UTC
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Thoughts on the OpenAI al­ign­ment plan: will AI re­search as­sis­tants be net-pos­i­tive for AI ex­is­ten­tial risk?

Jeffrey Ladish10 Mar 2023 8:21 UTC
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AGI sys­tems & hu­mans will both need to solve the al­ign­ment problem

Jeffrey Ladish24 Feb 2023 3:29 UTC
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When you plan ac­cord­ing to your AI timelines, should you put more weight on the me­dian fu­ture, or the me­dian fu­ture | even­tual AI al­ign­ment suc­cess? ⚖️

Jeffrey Ladish5 Jan 2023 1:21 UTC
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