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A simulation is the representation of the operation of a real-world process or system over time. Simulations require the use of models; the model represents the key characteristics or behaviors of the selected system or process. This definition of simulation is slightly wider than the usual definition; it doesn’t necessarily involve a step-by-step simulation. It is sufficient that characteristics of the evolution of the “simulated” process are captured sufficiently to make predictions about outcomes of the simulation. This matches the colloquial use when talking about intelligent systems “simulating” external processes or other agents.

This tag is about concrete simulations and differs from the following more specific tags as follow:

Dark Matters

Diffractor14 Mar 2021 23:36 UTC
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How to Mea­sure Anything

lukeprog7 Aug 2013 4:05 UTC
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Fac­tors of men­tal and phys­i­cal abil­ities—a statis­ti­cal analysis

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On the Univer­sal Distribution

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Si­mu­la­tion of tech­nolog­i­cal progress (work in progress)

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[Paper] Si­mu­la­tion of a com­plete cell

Richard_Kennaway24 Jul 2012 15:04 UTC
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Does the simu­la­tion ar­gu­ment even need simu­la­tions?

lmm11 Oct 2013 21:16 UTC
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A fas­ci­nat­ing simu­la­tion of evolution

D_Alex30 Sep 2011 1:49 UTC
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Agen­tic GPT simu­la­tions: a risk and an opportunity

Yair Halberstadt22 Mar 2023 6:24 UTC
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They gave LLMs ac­cess to physics simulators

ryan_b17 Oct 2022 21:21 UTC
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6502 simu­lated—mind up­load­ing for microprocessors

humpolec8 Jan 2011 18:03 UTC
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Tor­ture Si­mu­lated with Flipbooks

Amanojack26 May 2011 1:00 UTC
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Agent-Si­mu­lates-Pre­dic­tor Var­i­ant of the Pri­soner’s Dilemma

Gram_Stone15 Dec 2015 7:17 UTC
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Mak­ing Nanobots isn’t a one-shot pro­cess, even for an ar­tifi­cial superintelligance

dankrad25 Apr 2023 0:39 UTC
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Men­tal Models Of Peo­ple Can Be People

Nox ML25 Apr 2023 0:03 UTC
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The failed simu­la­tion effect and its im­pli­ca­tions for the op­ti­miza­tion of ex­tracur­ricu­lar activities

VipulNaik8 Apr 2014 19:27 UTC
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Re­s­ur­rec­tion through simu­la­tion: ques­tions of fea­si­bil­ity, de­sir­a­bil­ity and some implications

jacob_cannell24 May 2012 7:22 UTC
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Sand­box­ing by Phys­i­cal Si­mu­la­tion?

moridinamael1 Aug 2018 0:36 UTC
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AI Align­ment Us­ing Re­v­erse Simulation

Sven Nilsen12 Jan 2021 20:48 UTC
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[Question] Train­ing a RL Model with Con­tin­u­ous State & Ac­tion Space in a Real-World Scenario

Alexander Ries15 Oct 2023 22:59 UTC
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Mus­ings on Cargo Cult Consciousness

Gareth Davidson25 Jan 2024 23:00 UTC
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Emer­gence Is a Univer­sal Non-Zero-Sum Phenomenon.

James Stephen Brown14 May 2024 8:06 UTC
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The Po­ten­tial Im­pos­si­bil­ity of Sub­jec­tive Death

VictorLJZ4 Jul 2024 18:17 UTC
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[Question] Chicken or Egg

sovos10 May 2023 17:58 UTC
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[Cross­post] In­tro­duc­ing the Save State Paradox

Suzie. EXE18 May 2024 17:00 UTC
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