James Stephen Brown

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Utilitarian* atheist, artist, coder, documentarian and polymath (jokes.. but I don’t believe to be a jack of all trades necessitates one being a master of none, rather that the synergy of many fields can lead to novel insights—and I also just want to know everything!).

I write about moral philosophy, artificial intelligence and game theory—in particular non-zero-sum games and their importance in solving the world’s problems. Most of my writing originates on my personal website https://​​

I have admitted I am wrong at least 10 times on the internet.

Why I’ll Keep My Crummy Draw­ings—How Gen­er­a­tive AI Art Won’t Sup­plant… Art.

James Stephen Brown15 May 2024 19:30 UTC
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Emer­gence Series

James Stephen Brown14 May 2024 8:06 UTC
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The Align­ment Prob­lem No One Is Talk­ing About

James Stephen Brown10 May 2024 18:34 UTC
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