Nar­row AI

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A Narrow AI is capable of operating only in a relatively limited domain, such as chess or driving, rather than capable of learning a broad range of tasks like a human or an Artificial General Intelligence. Narrow vs General is not a perfectly binary classification: there are degrees of generality with, for example, large language models having a fairly large degree of generality (as the domain of text is large) without being as general as a human, and we may eventually build systems that are significantly more general than humans.

Strate­gies for keep­ing AIs nar­row in the short term

Rossin9 Apr 2022 16:42 UTC
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[Question] Are there sub­stan­tial re­search efforts to­wards al­ign­ing nar­row AIs?

Rossin4 Sep 2021 18:40 UTC
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A sum­mary of al­ign­ing nar­rowly su­per­hu­man models

gugu10 Feb 2022 18:26 UTC
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Refram­ing Su­per­in­tel­li­gence: Com­pre­hen­sive AI Ser­vices as Gen­eral Intelligence

Rohin Shah8 Jan 2019 7:12 UTC
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The al­gorithm isn’t do­ing X, it’s just do­ing Y.

Cleo Nardo16 Mar 2023 23:28 UTC
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Could util­ity func­tions be for nar­row AI only, and down­right an­ti­thet­i­cal to AGI?

chaosmage16 Mar 2017 18:24 UTC
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Nar­row AI Nanny: Reach­ing Strate­gic Ad­van­tage via Nar­row AI to Prevent Creation of the Danger­ous Superintelligence

avturchin25 Jul 2018 17:12 UTC
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Some thoughts on risks from nar­row, non-agen­tic AI

Richard_Ngo19 Jan 2021 0:04 UTC
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samhealy31 Dec 2023 13:23 UTC
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Rele­vant pre-AGI possibilities

Daniel Kokotajlo20 Jun 2020 10:52 UTC
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[Question] Danger(s) of the­o­rem-prov­ing AI?

Yitz16 Mar 2022 2:47 UTC
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[Question] Con­strain­ing nar­row AI in a cor­po­rate setting

MaximumLiberty15 Apr 2022 22:36 UTC
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Misal­ign­ment Harms Can Be Caused by Low In­tel­li­gence Systems

DialecticEel11 Oct 2022 13:39 UTC
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The re­ward func­tion is already how well you ma­nipu­late humans

Kerry19 Oct 2022 1:52 UTC
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[LINK]s: Who says Wat­son is only a nar­row AI?

shminux21 May 2013 18:04 UTC
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Skep­ti­cism About Deep­Mind’s “Grand­mas­ter-Level” Chess Without Search

Arjun Panickssery12 Feb 2024 0:56 UTC
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GPT-4 is bad at strate­gic thinking

Christopher King27 Mar 2023 15:11 UTC
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We don’t need AGI for an amaz­ing future

Karl von Wendt4 May 2023 12:10 UTC
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In­tro­duc­ing Leap Labs, an AI in­ter­pretabil­ity startup

Jessica Rumbelow6 Mar 2023 16:16 UTC
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