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Lifelogging is the practice of intentionally recording one’s life, whether for life extension purposes or any other purposes

[Question] Will chat logs and other records of our lives be main­tained in­definitely by the ad­ver­tis­ing in­dus­try?

mako yass29 Nov 2022 0:30 UTC
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The case for lifel­og­ging as life extension

Matthew Barnett1 Feb 2020 21:56 UTC
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[re­cur­rent] Fo­cus­mate: cry­on­ics and lifelogging

Mati_Roy11 Mar 2021 16:28 UTC
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Lifel­og­ging: the record­ing device

gwern15 Oct 2010 1:04 UTC
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My guide to lifelogging

Matthew Barnett28 Aug 2020 21:34 UTC
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[Question] What are ar­ti­cles on “lifel­og­ging as life ex­ten­sion”?

Mati_Roy13 May 2020 20:35 UTC
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[April – weekly] Fo­cus­mate: biosta­sis, lifel­og­ging, death-fo­cus ethics

Mati_Roy31 Mar 2021 16:49 UTC
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Po­modoros worked dur­ing a day: an anal­y­sis of Alex’s data

Derek M. Jones31 May 2021 13:27 UTC
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Longter­mism vs short-ter­mism for per­sonal life extension

Mati_Roy17 Jul 2021 3:52 UTC
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Ar­ti­cle on quan­tified lifel­og­ging (

khafra15 Nov 2010 16:38 UTC
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Sur­vey on lifel­og­gers for a re­search project

Mati_Roy26 Mar 2023 0:02 UTC
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