Survey on lifeloggers for a research project

Actionable item: fill out this survey

Emmanuelle Caccamo is a Professor in Semiotics Studies at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. I got in contact with zir because we both featured in the episode “Outsmarting Death” of the podcast series Following our footsteps: Death in the digital era (produced in Quebec, in French)—an episode on lifelogging as life extension.

Ze has done great work around studying lifelogging /​ lifelogging as life extension /​ perfect memory technologies, mostly from a sociological point of view. Notable examples of this work are:

For all zir work, you can see zir profile.

Ze is now doing a study on lifeloggers and the lifelogging community. If you have an interest in lifelogging and want to support zir work, I encourage you to fill out this survey. Ze will also invite some people filling the survey for further interviews after that (which are optional, of course).

I will share on the Lifelogging as Life Extension Facebook group. I encourage you to share in any other relevant groups.

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