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So­ci­aLLM: pro­posal for a lan­guage model de­sign for per­son­al­ised apps, so­cial sci­ence, and AI safety research

Roman Leventov19 Dec 2023 16:49 UTC
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Why you should learn sign language

Noah Topper18 Jan 2023 17:03 UTC
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Late-talk­ing kid part 3: gestalt lan­guage learning

Steven Byrnes17 Oct 2023 2:00 UTC
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The pos­si­ble shared Craft of de­liber­ate Lex­i­co­ge­n­e­sis

TsviBT20 May 2023 5:56 UTC
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Telic in­tu­itions across the sciences

mrcbarbier22 Oct 2022 21:31 UTC
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Hard Ques­tions Are Lan­guage Bugs

George3d64 Sep 2023 14:44 UTC
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Want to pre­dict/​ex­plain/​con­trol the out­put of GPT-4? Then learn about the world, not about trans­form­ers.

Cleo Nardo16 Mar 2023 3:08 UTC
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Nat­u­ral lan­guage alignment

Jacy Reese Anthis12 Apr 2023 19:02 UTC
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What’s in a Name? Are you re­ally an “AI Pes­simist”?

amelia23 Oct 2023 22:41 UTC
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Book Re­view: Oral­ity and Liter­acy: The Tech­nol­o­giz­ing of the Word

Fergus Fettes28 Oct 2023 20:12 UTC
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What’s go­ing on? LLMs and IS-A sen­tences

Bill Benzon8 Nov 2023 16:58 UTC
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Scott Alexan­der is wrong about slurs

[deactivated]21 Nov 2023 8:43 UTC
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[Question] Com­pre­hen­si­ble In­put is the only way peo­ple learn lan­guages—is it the only way peo­ple *learn*?

lillybaeum30 Nov 2023 13:31 UTC
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What Bos­ton Can Teach Us About What a Wo­man Is

ymeskhout1 May 2023 15:34 UTC
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Align­ing an H-JEPA agent via train­ing on the out­puts of an LLM-based “ex­em­plary ac­tor”

Roman Leventov29 May 2023 11:08 UTC
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An LLM-based “ex­em­plary ac­tor”

Roman Leventov29 May 2023 11:12 UTC
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Has any­one ex­per­i­mented with Do­drio, a tool for ex­plor­ing trans­former mod­els through in­ter­ac­tive vi­su­al­iza­tion?

Bill Benzon11 Dec 2023 20:34 UTC
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Xanadu, GPT, and Beyond: An ad­ven­ture of the mind

Bill Benzon27 Aug 2023 16:19 UTC
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Steven Har­nad: Sym­bol ground­ing and the struc­ture of dictionaries

Bill Benzon2 Sep 2023 12:28 UTC
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Dis­cur­sive Com­pe­tence in ChatGPT, Part 2: Me­mory for Texts

Bill Benzon28 Sep 2023 16:34 UTC
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Notes on ChatGPT’s “mem­ory” for strings and for events

Bill Benzon20 Sep 2023 18:12 UTC
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Geno­cide isn’t Decolonization

robotelvis20 Oct 2023 4:14 UTC
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Let’s go meta: Gram­mat­i­cal knowl­edge and self-refer­en­tial sen­tences [ChatGPT]

Bill Benzon12 Dec 2022 21:50 UTC
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On the nat­u­ral­is­tic study of the lin­guis­tic be­hav­ior of ar­tifi­cial intelligence

Bill Benzon3 Jan 2023 9:06 UTC
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ChatGPT in­ti­mates a tan­ta­l­iz­ing fu­ture; its core LLM is or­ga­nized on mul­ti­ple lev­els; and it has bro­ken the idea of think­ing.

Bill Benzon24 Jan 2023 19:05 UTC
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Semi-rare plain lan­guage words that are great to remember

LVSN3 Feb 2023 16:33 UTC
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The Lin­guis­tic Blind Spot of Value-Aligned Agency, Nat­u­ral and Ar­tifi­cial

Roman Leventov14 Feb 2023 6:57 UTC
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ChatGPT ex­plores the se­man­tic differential

Bill Benzon9 Mar 2023 13:09 UTC
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Cat­e­gor­i­cal Or­ga­ni­za­tion in Me­mory: ChatGPT Or­ga­nizes the 665 Topic Tags from My New Sa­vanna Blog

Bill Benzon14 Dec 2023 13:02 UTC
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“Gen­langs” and Zipf’s Law: Do lan­guages gen­er­ated by ChatGPT statis­ti­cally look hu­man?

Justin-Diamond31 Jan 2024 18:30 UTC
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Abs-E (or, speak only in the pos­i­tive)

dkl919 Feb 2024 21:14 UTC
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The role of philo­soph­i­cal think­ing in un­der­stand­ing large lan­guage mod­els: Cal­ibrat­ing and clos­ing the gap be­tween first-per­son ex­pe­rience and un­der­ly­ing mechanisms

Bill Benzon23 Feb 2024 12:19 UTC
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Inch­ing “Kubla Khan” and GPT into the same in­tel­lec­tual frame­work @ 3 Quarks Daily

Bill Benzon28 Mar 2023 19:50 UTC
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