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Telic in­tu­itions across the sciences

mrcbarbier22 Oct 2022 21:31 UTC
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Why you should learn sign language

Noah Topper18 Jan 2023 17:03 UTC
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Want to pre­dict/​ex­plain/​con­trol the out­put of GPT-4? Then learn about the world, not about trans­form­ers.

Cleo Nardo16 Mar 2023 3:08 UTC
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Let’s go meta: Gram­mat­i­cal knowl­edge and self-refer­en­tial sen­tences [ChatGPT]

Bill Benzon12 Dec 2022 21:50 UTC
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On the nat­u­ral­is­tic study of the lin­guis­tic be­hav­ior of ar­tifi­cial intelligence

Bill Benzon3 Jan 2023 9:06 UTC
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ChatGPT in­ti­mates a tan­ta­l­iz­ing fu­ture; its core LLM is or­ga­nized on mul­ti­ple lev­els; and it has bro­ken the idea of think­ing.

Bill Benzon24 Jan 2023 19:05 UTC
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Semi-rare plain lan­guage words that are great to remember

LVSN3 Feb 2023 16:33 UTC
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The Lin­guis­tic Blind Spot of Value-Aligned Agency, Nat­u­ral and Ar­tifi­cial

Roman Leventov14 Feb 2023 6:57 UTC
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ChatGPT ex­plores the se­man­tic differential

Bill Benzon9 Mar 2023 13:09 UTC
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Inch­ing “Kubla Khan” and GPT into the same in­tel­lec­tual frame­work @ 3 Quarks Daily

Bill Benzon28 Mar 2023 19:50 UTC
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