In­tel­lec­tual Progress (In­di­vi­d­ual-Level)

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This tag is closely related to Scholarship & Learning. However, Scholarship & Learning covers learning existing material, almost to the exclusion of developing new ideas. The present tag is exclusively about developing new ideas (or at least new-to-you ideas which could have been new to the world, if someone else hadn’t invented them yet).

As you can see from the names, Intellectual Progress (Society Level) is a related tag which deals with how progress happens for whole societies. The present tag deals with the same theme on an individual level.

Posts on making progress in small groups are also welcome to this tag. The relevant cutoff is not the number of people (one vs many), but rather, the relevance to an individual who is trying to make intellectual progress. If a post is on the nuts-and-bolts process of making intellectual progress happen, it belongs here.

[Question] What makes peo­ple in­tel­lec­tu­ally ac­tive?

abramdemski29 Dec 2018 22:29 UTC
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How To Write Quickly While Main­tain­ing Epistemic Rigor

johnswentworth28 Aug 2021 17:52 UTC
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The Zet­telkas­ten Method

abramdemski20 Sep 2019 13:15 UTC
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For progress to be by ac­cu­mu­la­tion and not by ran­dom walk, read great books

MichaelVassar2 Mar 2010 8:11 UTC
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Cap­tur­ing Ideas

abramdemski9 Sep 2020 21:20 UTC
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Writ­ing to think

adamzerner17 Nov 2020 7:54 UTC
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Vi­sual Bab­ble and Prune

AllAmericanBreakfast4 Jun 2020 18:49 UTC
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Mee­tups as In­sti­tu­tions for In­tel­lec­tual Progress

mingyuan17 Sep 2019 5:23 UTC
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Align­ment Re­search Field Guide

abramdemski8 Mar 2019 19:57 UTC
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Start Un­der the Streetlight, then Push into the Shadows

lukeprog24 Jun 2013 0:49 UTC
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De­liber­ate and spon­ta­neous creativity

Kaj_Sotala29 Mar 2009 19:45 UTC
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Fo­rum par­ti­ci­pa­tion as a re­search strategy

Wei_Dai30 Jul 2019 18:09 UTC
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[Question] Why is there a “clogged drain­pipe” effect in idea gen­er­a­tion?

jacobjacob20 Nov 2020 19:08 UTC
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Paper-Read­ing for Gears

johnswentworth4 Dec 2019 21:02 UTC
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Lak­shmi’s Magic Rope: An In­tu­itive Ex­pla­na­tion of Ra­manu­jan Primes

AllAmericanBreakfast2 Sep 2021 16:36 UTC
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How to Find a Problem

Jemist8 Sep 2021 20:05 UTC
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A Tax­on­omy of Research

Jemist8 Sep 2021 19:30 UTC
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Film Study for Research

jsteinhardt14 Sep 2021 18:53 UTC
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Tell Your Ra­tion­al­ist Ori­gin Story… at Less Wrong

Eliezer Yudkowsky27 Feb 2009 4:06 UTC
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