His­tory & Philos­o­phy of Science

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History & Philosophy of Science (HPS) encompasses the integrated study of the history and philosophy of science. It breaks down into general HPS which is concerned with questions about the nature of science and scientific development, e.g., what is a scientific law?, and HPS of individual sciences which focuses on the specific agenda of a science e.g., history and philosophy of biology.

The spe­cial na­ture of spe­cial relativity

adamShimi9 Jan 2023 17:30 UTC
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Depen­dency Tree For The Devel­op­ment Of Plate Tectonics

Elizabeth5 Oct 2022 22:40 UTC
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Lost in In­no­va­tion: The Case of Phlogiston

adamShimi20 Jan 2023 12:19 UTC
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Who or­dered al­ign­ment’s ap­ple?

Eleni Angelou28 Aug 2022 4:05 UTC
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It’s (not) how you use it

Eleni Angelou7 Sep 2022 17:15 UTC
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Align­ment’s phlo­gis­ton

Eleni Angelou18 Aug 2022 22:27 UTC
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There is no royal road to alignment

Eleni Angelou18 Sep 2022 3:33 UTC
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Against the weird­ness heuristic

Eleni Angelou2 Oct 2022 19:41 UTC
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The Ma­trix of Untruth

whitehatStoic10 Nov 2022 18:42 UTC
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Epistemic Arte­facts of (con­cep­tual) AI al­ign­ment research

19 Aug 2022 17:18 UTC
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[Question] Book recom­men­da­tions for the his­tory of ML?

Eleni Angelou28 Dec 2022 23:50 UTC
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Book Re­view: Wor­lds of Flow

remember16 Jan 2023 20:17 UTC
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