Miracle Mineral Supplement

We can always use more case stud­ies of in­san­ity that aren’t re­li­gion, right?

Well, Mir­a­cle Min­eral Sup­ple­ment is my new go-to ex­am­ple for Bad Things hap­pen­ing to peo­ple with low epistemic stan­dards. “MMS” is a sup­posed cure for ev­ery­thing rang­ing from the com­mon cold to HIV to can­cer. I just saw it recom­mended in an­other Face­book thread to some­one who was wor­ried about malaria symp­toms.

It’s in­dus­trial-strength bleach. Liter­ally just bleach. Usu­ally drunk, some­times in­jected, and yes, it of­ten kills you. It is ev­ery bit as bad as it sounds if not worse.

This is be­yond Poe’s Law. Medieval blood drain­ing via leeches was far more of an ex­cus­able er­ror than this, they had far less ev­i­dence it was a bad idea. I think if I was try­ing to guess what was the dumb­est al­ter­na­tive medicine on the planet, I still would not have guessed this low. My brain is still not pes­simistic enough about hu­man stu­pidity.