Rational retirement plans

Are you in your 20s-40s and diligently saving for your retirement plan? You might want to reconsider your strategy.

Saving money with the intention of spending it in 20+ years will return (almost) nothing.

Superintelligence is likely to arrive within the next 20 years, probably sooner.

  1. If superintelligence ends up being detrimental to humanity (doom), saving money is a waste.

  2. What if we can align superintelligence with our values?

Technological advancements will significantly increase the utility per dollar. The exponential enhancement of utility per dollar brought on by superintelligence will eventually cause the value of a dollar to collapse.

Happiness has been shown to increase with income up to a certain threshold ($ 200K per year now, roughly speaking), beyond which the effect tends to plateau. This number will get ridiculously small as utility per dollar explodes (imagine $ 1/​month gets you everything you need). That is, anyone can enjoy a quality of life comparable to that of the wealthy.

Whatever your life expectancy is, only plan the next 20 years. Beyond then, your dollars will return (almost) nothing.

What do you think?