What would you like from Microcovid.org? How valuable would it be to you?

Microcovid.org was a vital tool to many of us during the pandemic- I made a whole speech about it back at summer solstice. The back and forth over how finished covid is, plus a dependence entirely on volunteers, has pushed microcovid into something of a limbo. It’s not clear what the best next step for it is. One option would be to update microcovid for new problems, but that’s a lot of work and I have a lot of uncertainty about how valuable any given improvement is. So I’d to collect some data.

  1. How are you using microcovid now?

  2. What is the minimum viable change that would create value for you, and what would that value be? The more explicit the better here- comments like “feature X would be worth $n to me” or “it enabled me to find a collaborated then enabled a project” are more useful than “I like it a lot”

  3. What’s your dream microcovid, and what value would that create for you?

  4. Anything else you’d like to share on this topic?

I’ve asked LW to enable the experimental agree/​disagree feature for this post. The benefit of this is that you can boost particular data points without writing anything. The risk is that an individual’s preferences get counted repeatedly: 5 people with the same opinion who write five posts and agree with all of the others’ identical points should be counted as 5 people, not 25. So I ask that you:

  1. Not agree with comments substantially overlapping with a comment you write

  2. If multiple comments make the same point, only click agree for one of them

This isn’t an exact science because comments will sometimes contain more than one point or make very similar but not totally identical points, but please do your best.