Delicious Luminosity, Om Nom Nom

I have decided that it would be valuable for me to read books (blog posts, articles, random conversations between smart people who store chatlogs) about introspection, take notes, and try to distill and clarify the information. This could result in me eventually giving up, or in a Luminosity Sequence: Second Edition (Now With Literature, Part Of This Complete Breakfast!), or (optimism!) me being able to sort ~90% of people into some number of categories such that their category membership tells me how to help them develop luminosity superpowers in N simple steps with exercises/​therapy-ish stuff/​etc.

Help me eat luminosity! I need recommendations for stuff to read. This stuff should be:

  • readable (I will not long slog through something I’m stylistically allergic to)

  • not obvious nonsense (but if it didn’t work on you/​your personal friends, that’s not “obvious nonsense”, it could be cognitive heterogeneity; I just want to filter out crap like “The Secret”)

  • something I can probably get my hands on (library, 100% legal! electronic acquisition, it being on the Internet).

I read really fast. Don’t worry about oversaturating me with recommendations, but please do say a little about why you recommend a thing (even if it’s “I haven’t read this, but I keep hearing about it, so I guess some people like it”) and post recommendations in separate comments so people with information about the item can vote up and down separately. Recommendations for non-written things will be heavily discounted but not outright disqualified.

I would also like a supply of guinea-pigs-in-waiting for if and when I get to the point of trying the sorting or the superpower-giving part of the optimistic end state of the project.

If people want me to, I can document the process of luminosity-eating so there is a template to follow for other subject-eating projects, but I wouldn’t do this by default because in general I only do things that someone would care if I didn’t do them.