[Question] Rationality Yellow Belt Test Questions?

Since joining the Official Idealized Rationality Organization as a fresh novice six months ago, you have been training and studying hard, and today you are ready to take your exam to advance to the first rank of recognized skill and knowledge.

You expect the test to be difficult. Here in the Future, card-carrying Rationalists are widely known to be formidably effective, clear-thinking people. Rationalists are capable of impressive feats individually, and accomplish miracles when working in groups. Part of cultivating such a strong reputation, obviously, involves setting high standards.

You step out of your flying car, enter the testing center, and take your seat. The proctor hands you a thick sheaf of test questions. Turning the first page, you read the first question …

(What sorts of question would you hope to see on such a test? If not “test questions” per se, what other sorts of requirements would make sense?)

(Another way of looking at this might be: design a test that you would be proud to say you passed.)