Up­date the best text­books on every sub­ject list

I oc­ca­sion­ally refer back to luke­prog’s Best Text­books on Every Sub­ject post. I thought it might be a good idea to dir­ect people back to it in the hopes of up­dat­ing the list, for the fol­low­ing reas­ons:

  • Old less­wrong is fully in­teg­rated now, so we can do it from this site.

  • It hasn’t been sig­ni­fic­antly up­dated in 8 years; since then it seems like the com­munity has both di­ver­si­fied and in­creased in size, so hope­fully we can both broaden and deepen the list.

  • In the in­terim there have been sev­eral rounds of people who have done vari­ous levels of MIRI’s re­search guide, and it seems like there is richer en­gage­ment with the fields sur­round­ing ra­tion­al­ity.

  • A lot of text­books get pub­lished in 8 years; new ones may be im­prove­ments over the old, or we may have gained text­books for fields which lacked them pre­vi­ously.

  • I would be par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in any­thing which ac­counts for the rep­lic­a­tion crisis, es­pe­cially with re­spect to im­port­ant fields like be­ha­vi­oral eco­nom­ics.

At Chris­ti­anKI’s sug­ges­tion:

Here are the rules:
1. Post the title of your fa­vor­ite text­book on a given sub­ject.
2. You must have read at least two other text­books on that same sub­ject.
3. You must briefly name the other books you’ve read on the sub­ject and ex­plain why you think your chosen text­book is su­per­ior to them.