The Yudkowsky Ambition Scale

From Hacker News.

  1. We’re go­ing to build the next Face­book!

  2. We’re go­ing to found the next Ap­ple!

  3. Our product will cre­ate sweep­ing poli­ti­cal change! This will pro­duce a ma­jor eco­nomic rev­olu­tion in at least one coun­try! (Seast­eading would be change on this level if it worked; cre­at­ing a new coun­try suc­cess­fully is around the same level of change as this.)

  4. Our product is the next nu­clear weapon. You wouldn’t want that in the wrong hands, would you?

  5. This is go­ing to be the equiv­a­lent of the in­ven­tion of elec­tric­ity if it works out.

  6. We’re go­ing to make an IQ-en­hanc­ing drug and pro­duce ba­sic change in the hu­man con­di­tion.

  7. We’re go­ing to build se­ri­ous Drexler-class molec­u­lar nan­otech­nol­ogy.

  8. We’re go­ing to up­load a hu­man brain into a com­puter.

  9. We’re go­ing to build a re­cur­sively self-im­prov­ing Ar­tifi­cial In­tel­li­gence.

  10. We think we’ve figured out how to hack into the com­puter our uni­verse is run­ning on.

This made me laugh, but from the look of it, I’d say there is lit­tle work to do to make it se­ri­ous. Per­son­ally, I’d try to shorten it so it is punchier and more mem­o­rable.