[Question] What have your romantic experiences with non-EAs/​non-Rationalists been like?

Epistemic status: trawlin’ for anecdotes/​commiserations; satiating-morbid-curiosity

I’m also interested in non-romantic relationships, but I’m particularly interested in hearing about long term relationships between folks within EA and/​or LW and someone[s] outside it.

By outside of EA/​Rat I don’t just mean “not active in the communities”. I mean: doesn’t have the philosophical machinery of rationality [ethics/​meta-ethics/​epistemology/​cog sci/​etc] and doesn’t seem inclined to pick it up.

Things that I’m particularly curious about:

  • how long these relationships lasted

  • how you feel about the relationship: in what ways was/​is it successful or unsuccessful?

  • if your partner doesn’t have a “rationalist frame”, how you deal with that

  • any other random thoughts this elicits