Partially Enlightened AMA

Read first:

Partially enlightened means my journey is far from over. I am not totally free of suffering, though I do find suffering very entertaining, whether it’s other people’s suffering or my own. I am suffering right now. It’s, so funny.

Edit/​clarification: it’s not really suffering that’s funny, it’s perception of/​belief in suffering. Suffering is in the map, not the territory.

Partially enlightened means I understand the true nature of the problem you are trying to solve (bias) and almost everything you discuss is redundant to me. I have overcome bias to a degree that is inconceivable to the ordinary mind. that from my perspective, there are no technical or social problems to solve—or any problems for that matter.

You can ask me anything, but that does not mean I will answer anything. My aim is to be helpful-as-I-understand-helpfulness, not helpful-as-you-understand-helpfulness. The unenlightened tend to ask (metaphorically) for weapons.

One upshot of corrected perception is a shift in motivation, which means I’m quite happy to leave others’ curiosity unsatisfied, even when I have an answer.

A few points before we start:

  • Enlightenment being a state of mind (see upper left quadrant in Attacking enlightenment), there’s no point any of us trying to prove or disprove anything.

  • Relatedly, there’s no point in asking about my inner experience. If you could understand my state of mind, you would share my state of mind, permanently. Far from being a transient idea, enlightenment is non-reversible—there are some things you just can’t unsee. In general it is better to ask questions about your own inner experience.

  • I don’t find disagreeing with people to be a good use of time and attention, so anyone who takes up a contrary position will likely be left to die on that hill.

My motivation for doing this, is to increase the certainty of (or else disprove) my conclusion that in spite of all its accomplishments, the LW community has nothing to offer me and vice versa.