Feature suggestion: Could we get notifications when someone links to our posts?

LessWrong (and the EA Fo­rum) seems to have re­cently added a “ping­backs” fea­ture, which shows at the bot­tom of each post what other posts on LW (or the EA Fo­rum) link to it, if any. I reckon this is a great fea­ture, for:

  1. fol­low­ing links to more re­cent work on the same topic

  2. trac­ing the in­fluence a post seems to have had

I think it’d also be cool to get a no­tifi­ca­tion when some­one (other than me) has linked to a post I wrote, for similar rea­sons:

  1. It’d al­low me to see new work that’s likely to be on top­ics I’m par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested in, given that it links to my work. That new work might also be com­ment­ing, cri­tiquing, or build­ing on my work, so that seems par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing to learn from and en­gage with.

  2. It’d al­low me to see which of my posts (if any) peo­ple seem to be find­ing par­tic­u­larly in­ter­est­ing, valuable, worth-build­ing-upon, etc., plus get a pretty solid dopamine hit to fur­ther my LW & EA Fo­rum ad­dic­tion (as­sum­ing the post link­ing to my post isn’t just cri­tiquing it, but again, learn­ing from such cri­tiques is use­ful too)

Is this some­thing that could be im­ple­mented? If some peo­ple would be op­posed, per­haps it could be some­thing peo­ple could opt into or out of.

(I hap­pened to spot a ping­back to one of my LW posts by an­other user, and same for one of my EA Fo­rum posts, but wasn’t no­tified. So I can con­firm that users cur­rently don’t get no­tified about ping­backs, rather than it just be­ing that I haven’t got­ten a no­tifi­ca­tion yet.)

Re­lated, ad­di­tional sug­ges­tion: Would there be any not-too-hard way for “ping­backs” to in­clude links to a LW post from an EA Fo­rum post, and vice versa? Cur­rently they only show links on the same site.

Note: In “Edit Set­tings”, I’ve ticked the box to “Opt into ex­per­i­men­tal fea­tures”, so maybe ping­backs is a new thing most peo­ple haven’t seen. But in any case, dis­play­ing ping­backs just in­spired my no­tifi­ca­tions sug­ges­tion, rather than re­ally be­ing a nec­es­sary pre­req­ui­site for it.

Also, let me know if there’s a bet­ter place to put fea­ture sug­ges­tions like this. ETA: Maybe it should’ve been a “Ques­tion”. Whoops.