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I’m Michael Aird, a Staff Researcher at Rethink Priorities and a Research Scholar at the Future of Humanity Institute. Opinions expressed are my own. You can give me anonymous feedback at this link.

With Rethink, I’m currently mostly working on nuclear risk research. I might in future work on topics related to what I’m calling “Politics, Policy, and Security from a Broad Longtermist Perspective”.

Previously, I did longtermist macrostrategy research for Convergence Analysis and then for the Center on Long-Term Risk. More on my background here.

I mostly post to the EA Forum.

If you think you or I could benefit from us talking, feel free to message me or schedule a call. For people interested in doing effective-altruism-related research/​writing, testing their fit for that, “getting up to speed” on EA/​longtermist topics, or writing for the EA Forum/​LessWrong, I also recommend this post.

Notes on effec­tive-al­tru­ism-re­lated re­search, writ­ing, test­ing fit, learn­ing, and the EA Forum

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Notes on “Bioter­ror and Biowar­fare” (2006)

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Notes on Hen­rich’s “The WEIRDest Peo­ple in the World” (2020)

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