Today a Tragedy

Very early this morn­ing, my friend died in a car wreck.

When my mother called to tell me, she told me an old friend had died, but then it took her 10 sec­onds to com­pose her­self to tell me ex­actly who.

Old friends have called and texted me through­out the day. Some seek­ing to con­sole, and oth­ers to be con­soled.

But it’s all a tragedy.

My friends shouldn’t need con­so­la­tion, my mother shouldn’t need to com­pose her­self, and my friend shouldn’t have died to­day.

A re­solve arose within me:

I will solve AI al­ign­ment, and then I will work to fur­ther AGI, bring­ing that day closer and closer to pre­vent the loss of an­other grand­son, an­other nephew, an­other friend.

But when I tried to work to­day, all I could do was mourn.


I’m glad I got to see you one last time in Jan­uary. I’m sorry I for­got to wish you a happy birth­day this year, but I’ve saved two dates in my cal­en­dar for you now, so I will never for­get. Thanks for be­ing my de­bate part­ner, and thanks for be­ing my friend.

Love you. Miss you.


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