Today a Tragedy

Very early this morning, my friend died in a car wreck.

When my mother called to tell me, she told me an old friend had died, but then it took her 10 seconds to compose herself to tell me exactly who.

Old friends have called and texted me throughout the day. Some seeking to console, and others to be consoled.

But it’s all a tragedy.

My friends shouldn’t need consolation, my mother shouldn’t need to compose herself, and my friend shouldn’t have died today.

A resolve arose within me:

I will solve AI alignment, and then I will work to further AGI, bringing that day closer and closer to prevent the loss of another grandson, another nephew, another friend.

But when I tried to work today, all I could do was mourn.


I’m glad I got to see you one last time in January. I’m sorry I forgot to wish you a happy birthday this year, but I’ve saved two dates in my calendar for you now, so I will never forget. Thanks for being my debate partner, and thanks for being my friend.

Love you. Miss you.