—A Petition

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Here’s the pe­ti­tion Scott asked us to make.

This is a re­quest for a spe­cific ac­tion by the New York Times ed­i­tors:

We, the un­der­signed, urge the New York Times to re­spect Scott Alexan­der’s re­quest to not re­veal his real name in a planned piece dis­cussing the Slate Star Codex blog and com­mu­nity.


That’s all. It seems to me re­ally im­por­tant for pub­lic dis­course on the in­ter­net for jour­nal­ists to re­spect this norm in this situ­a­tion.

Please share it in the places you share things, and email it to the promi­nent peo­ple who you know that the New York Times re­spects and care about.

Please sign.


Thanks to Ja­cob Lager­ros and Rob Bens­inger for mak­ing the pe­ti­tion with me.

Thanks to Paul Gra­ham, Steven Pinker and many oth­ers for their early sig­na­tures.

Thanks to Sarah Haider and Tan­ner Greer for in­de­pen­dently or­ganis­ing a pe­ti­tion and then join­ing forces with ours.

Thanks to so many other peo­ple who are still un­sub­scribing from the NYT, giv­ing them re­spect­ful-but-firm feed­back, and oth­er­wise sup­port­ing Scott in this situ­a­tion. It’s been great to see so much love and sup­port for SSC these past 48 hours.