LW 2.0 Open Beta starts 9/​20

Two years ago, I wrote Less­wrong 2.0. It’s been quite the ad­ven­ture since then; I took up the man­tle of or­ga­niz­ing work to im­prove the site but was miss­ing some of the core skills, and also never quite had the time to make it my top pri­or­ity. Ear­lier this year, I talked with Oliver Habryka and he joined the pro­ject and has done the lion’s share of the work since then, with help along the way from Eric Rogstad, Har­manas Cho­pra, Ben Pace, Ray­mond Arnold, and my­self. Ded­i­cated staff has led to se­ri­ous progress, and we can now see the light at the end of the tun­nel.

So what’s next? We’ve been run­ning the closed beta for some time at lesser­wrong.com with an im­port of the old LW database, and are now happy enough with it to show it to you all. On 9/​​20, next Wed­nes­day, we’ll turn on ac­count cre­ation, mak­ing it an open beta. (This will in­volve mak­ing a new pass­word, as the pass­words are stored hashed and we’ve changed the hash­ing func­tion from the old site.) If you don’t have an email ad­dress set for your ac­count (see here), I recom­mend adding it by the end of the open beta so we can merge ac­counts. For the open beta, just use the In­ter­com but­ton in the lower right cor­ner if you have any trou­ble.

Once the open beta con­cludes, we’ll have a vote of vet­eran users (over 1k karma as of yes­ter­day) on whether to change the code at less­wrong.com over to the new de­sign or not. It seems im­por­tant to look into the dark and have an es­cape valve in case this is the wrong di­rec­tion for LW. If the vote goes through, we’ll im­port the new LW ac­tivity since the pre­vi­ous im­port to the new servers, merg­ing the two, and point the url to the new servers. If it doesn’t, we’ll likely turn LW into an archive.

Oliver Habryka will be post­ing shortly with his views on LW and more de­tails on our plans for how LW 2.0 will fur­ther in­tel­lec­tual progress in the com­mu­nity.