[Question] How to improve at critical thinking on science/​medical literature?

I’m a med­i­cal stu­dent, and I will of­ten read ar­ti­cles that are crit­i­cal of sci­en­tific liter­a­ture (Scott Alexan­der on Phar­ma­coge­nomics; EMCrit on throm­bol­y­sis in is­chemic stroke, etc.) with some awe at the au­thors’ abil­ity to eval­u­ate ev­i­dence.

I’m sure that part of this is prac­tice. If I spend more time crit­i­cally read­ing sci­en­tific liter­a­ture, and less time tak­ing ex­perts at face value, I will likely be­come bet­ter able to think in­de­pen­dently.

How­ever, part of it strikes me as a lack of tech­ni­cal skills. I’m of­ten un­sure how to cri­tique study de­signs when I don’t un­der­stand the statis­ti­cal meth­ods be­ing used.

Any recom­men­da­tions for how I might get the skills I need to think in­de­pen­dently about sci­en­tific/​med­i­cal liter­a­ture?

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