Who owns LessWrong?

The LessWrong wiki con­tains a bi­ased and offen­sive en­try on group se­lec­tion. I ed­ited the wiki page, to ap­pend some points rep­re­sent­ing an op­pos­ing view at the end. Eliezer re­moved my points, leav­ing only a link at the end. He said he thought my points were wrong, but would not say which points he thought were wrong, or why he thought they were wrong.

Is it rea­son­able for me to re­store my changes over Eliezer’s edit, since he is un­will­ing to give rea­sons for his edit? What sort of rights or priv­ileges does Eliezer have over LW or LW wiki con­tent?

(Please try not to turn this into a dis­cus­sion of group se­lec­tion.)

ADDED: Please go meta, folks. I am not try­ing to ar­gue about this spe­cific Wiki ar­ti­cle. I am not ask­ing for re­dress. Speci­fics about this wiki ar­ti­cle are ir­rele­vant. I am ask­ing whether this is still a benev­olent dic­ta­tor­ship.

The rele­vant ques­tions are not what the ap­pro­pri­ate form of de­bate is, or any­thing about this wiki ar­ti­cle. The rele­vant ques­tions are:

  • Who owns the do­main?

  • Who cre­ated the Wiki?

  • Who owns the code?

  • Who pays for the servers?

  • If some­one is in charge, what rights do they re­serve for them­selves?

  • At what point does the ra­tio of com­mu­nity con­tri­bu­tions to Eliezer’s con­tri­bu­tions mean we have the right to claim some own­er­ship?

The Wiki main page says, “The wiki about ra­tio­nal­ity that any­one who is logged in can edit”. Ap­par­ently that is a lie. If I do not have as much right as Eliezer does to write a wiki post, I want that point ex­plic­itly spel­led out.