Google may be trying to take over the world

So I know we’ve already seen them buy­ing a bunch of ML and robotics com­pa­nies, but now they’re pur­chas­ing Shane Legg’s AGI startup. This is af­ter they’ve ac­quired Bos­ton Dy­nam­ics, sev­eral smaller robotics and ML firms, and started their own life-ex­ten­sion firm.

Is it just me, or are they try­ing to make Ac­celerando or some­thing closely re­lated ac­tu­ally hap­pen? Given that they’re buy­ing up real ex­perts and not just “AI is in­evitable” pre­dic­tion geeks (who shall re­main po­litely un­named out of re­spect for their real, origi­nal ex­per­tise in ma­chine learn­ing), has some­one had a po­lite word with them about not kil­ling all hu­mans by sheer ac­ci­dent?