Bet Payoff 1: OpenPhil/​MIRI Grant Increase

takes a deep breath

It has come to one of those most spe­cial times. A time when a long-term bet is re­solved.

Gre­gory Lewis (aka Thrasy­machus) made a bet with me that the Open Philan­thropy Pro­ject would not re­port an in­creased con­fi­dence in MIRI’s im­pact, nor an in­creased grant size in the next 2 years.

And to­day, just 4 months later, the Open Philan­thropy Pro­ject has an­nounced (early) a 3.75 mil­lion dol­lar grant to be spread over 3 years (that’s half of MIRI’s bud­get each year; it may also be in­creased if MIRI’s bud­get in­creases), and that this was in large part due to a sig­nifi­cant up­date of their views on MIRI af­ter a very pos­i­tive re­view of MIRI’s work on Log­i­cal Uncer­tainty by an ex­ter­nal Ma­chine Learn­ing ex­pert.

The ini­tial bet and word­ing is at my (4 month old) face­book post here.

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