Announcement: LessWrong Coronavirus Links Database 2.0

There is a mas­sive amount of in­for­ma­tion and dis­cus­sion about the coro­n­avirus, and it can be challeng­ing to keep track of all the things com­ing in from differ­ent sources.

To com­bat that, 11 days ago we an­nounced that the LessWrong team built and is main­tain­ing a database with all the links that we think are use­ful, cat­e­go­riz­ing them, sum­ma­riz­ing them, and sort­ing them.

We’ve just built a ma­jor up­date for the database. Origi­nally it was a Google spread­sheet but we have now in­te­grated it into the LessWrong site proper and im­proved the in­for­ma­tion struc­ture.

You can find the new ver­sion at less­​​coro­n­avirus-link-database. It looks like this:

The database now has 360 links.

And on mo­bile it looks like this:

We pub­lish daily up­dates of the added links (here’s the most re­cent one) and you can get no­tifi­ca­tion of those by go­ing to Habryka’s pro­file page and sub­scribing to his posts.

How to Con­tribute to the Database

You can sub­mit links us­ing the Link Sub­mis­sion Form, which is also find­able from the Link Database page it­self. This is the pri­mary way to help out.

If you would like to put in the time to help main­tain this database, you can help us with the data en­try work us­ing the more de­tailed LWC19 Database Data En­try Form, which takes ~5 mins to fill out per link (vary­ing time de­pend­ing on the link). If you sub­mit 5 links this way, we’ll reach out to thank you and give you bet­ter ac­cess to the database.

If you’d like to help out fur­ther with the LessWrong re­sponse to the coro­n­avirus, here is my post on 3 low-key ways to help out.

Thank you to the fol­low­ing awe­some peo­ple who sub­mit­ted link: Jess Rei­del, Ray Arnold, Justin Shov­e­lain, Shri Sam­son, Jeffrey Ladish, Kyle, Christo­pher Paul, Ro­man, VillainMa­te­rial, Sar­ira, romeosteven­sit, Ja­cob Lager­ros, ESRogs, Ruby, William-Jose Velez, Matthew Hol­lett, silver­drake11, Erik Willekens, Eu­gene Esca, Rod, Vin­cent Lau, Naryan Wong.