LessWrong Coronavirus Link Database

Note: This post is old, read the new major update here.

There is a lot of coronavirus information currently out there, and a lot of people have been feeling overwhelmed keeping track of all the things coming in from different sources. To combat that, the LessWrong team is maintaining a spreadsheet with all the links that we think are useful, categorizing them, summarizing them, and prioritizing them.

So far on LW we’ve tried to help by gathering links in various focused threads (course of C19, mask usefulness). These are great for getting relevant information to a narrow question, but leave a lot to be desired in terms of later discoverability, especially if your question doesn’t exactly match any existing question.

To address this, Elizabeth, Ben, and Oliver have created the LessWrong Coronavirus Link Database, a collection of 135 links and counting, sorted by topic and marked with importance (as judged by someone on the LW CV Mod Team, which right now is the LW admin team + me, Elizabeth, but we plan to expand in the future).

Here are the top-level categories in the database, with a prominent link from each category:

If you have a link you want to add to the database, add it to the spreadsheet by filling out this form.

Concrete things you can do with this spreadsheet

  • Look for papers and articles relevant to specific questions you are currently investigating

  • Share a link you think is valuable with other people (by putting it on the link dump page, from where it will be processed by the mod team)

  • Find that paper you read six hours ago and submitted but then lost track of

  • Get oriented around this whole coronavirus thing by reading summaries and finding good intros

  • Find an Introduction to Coronavirus that finally convinces your parents to hole the fuck up.

    • I do specifically mean your parents. My dad is an introvert who explained his surviving-a-nuclear-war plan to me when I was six. Getting him to stay home was not a problem.