March 21st: Daily Coronavirus Links

As part of the LessWrong Coron­avirus Link Database, Ben, Eliz­a­beth and I are pub­lish­ing daily up­date posts with all the new links we are adding each day that we ranked a 3 or above in our im­por­tance rank­ings. Here are all the top links that we added yes­ter­day (March 21st), by topic.


US Map of Gen­eral Sea­sonal Ill­nesses Data

Uses cur­rent data to show sea­sonal ill­nesses in the US, and in­di­cates whether this is ab­nor­mal or ex­pected. Ore­gon State Univer­sity.


Guide to Oxy­gen Sup­ple­men­ta­tion (by am­a­teur)

Clear ex­pla­na­tions of why you need oxy­gen, how the var­i­ous de­vices work, links to open source pro­jects for build­ing them, etc.


List of things to do dur­ing a pan­demic for hap­piness/​meaning

List of 40 ac­tivi­ties to do in­doors that are cheap/​free.

(BP) Clear­erThink­ing always do things com­pe­tently and well, and I think the list is gen­uinely good.

Spread & Prevention

Paper mod­el­ling R0 and dou­bling rate with in­ter­ac­tive graphics

Lots of up-to-date info and good graph­ics. Cen­tre for Math­e­mat­i­cal Model­ling of In­fec­tious Diseases.

Work & Donate

Paul Gra­ham recom­mends donat­ing to mRelief, which helps peo­ple get gov­ern­ment benefits

He claims they have a 114x re­turn on dona­tions. Dona­tion page is mre­​​donate.


De­scrip­tion of his­tor­i­cally plau­si­ble path from democ­racy to au­thor­i­tar­ian state via COVID-19

Short con­crete out­line of how it might hap­pen. Briefly ex­plains that the lock­down is not a likely path to au­thor­i­tar­i­anism, but in­stead that health­care track­ing could be­come nec­es­sary and go alongside lo­ca­tion track­ing in a way that be­comes over­pow­ered.

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