Voiceofra is banned

I’ve got­ten suffi­cient ev­i­dence from sup­port that voice­ofra has been do­ing re­tribu­tive down­vot­ing. I’ve banned them with­out prior no­tice be­cause I’m not giv­ing them more chances to down­vote.

I’m think­ing of some­thing like not let­ting any­one give more than 5 down­votes/​week for con­tent which is more than a month old. The num­bers and the time pe­riod are ten­ta­tive—this isn’t my ideal rule. This is prob­a­bly tech­ni­cally pos­si­ble. How­ever, my im­pres­sion is that highly spe­cific rules like that are an in­vi­ta­tion to gam­ing the rules.

I would rather just make spite­ful down-vot­ing im­pos­si­ble (or maybe make it ex­pen­sive) rather than try­ing to find out who’s do­ing it. Ad­mit­tedly, putting up bar­ri­ers to down­vot­ing for past com­ments doesn’t solve the prob­lem of peo­ple who down-vote ev­ery­thing, but at least peo­ple who down­vote cur­rent ma­te­rial are eas­ier to no­tice.

Any thoughts about tech­ni­cal solu­tions to ex­ces­sive down-vot­ing of past ma­te­rial?