Q&A with Harpending and Cochran

Edit: Q&A is now closed. Thanks to ev­ery­one for par­ti­ci­pat­ing, and thanks very much to Harpend­ing and Cochran for their re­sponses.

In re­sponse to Kaj’s re­view, Henry Harpend­ing and Gre­gory Cochran, the au­thors of the The 10,000 Year Ex­plo­sion, have agreed to a Q&A ses­sion with the Less Wrong com­mu­nity.

If you have any ques­tions for ei­ther Harpend­ing or Cochran, please re­ply to this post with a ques­tion ad­dressed to one or both of them. Ma­te­rial for ques­tions might be de­rived from their blog for the book which in­cludes sto­ries about hunt­ing an­i­mals in Africa with an eye to­wards evolu­tion­ary im­pli­ca­tions (which rose to Jen­nifer’s at­ten­tion based on Steve Sailer’s prior at­ten­tion).

Please do not kib­itz in this Q&A… in­stead go to the kib­itz­ing area to talk about the Q&A ses­sion it­self. Even­tu­ally, this post will be ed­ited to note that the pro­cess has been closed, at which time there should be no new ques­tions.